9 Hilariously Outdated Rap Lyrics

Some of these songs are down right classics and we can’t fault them. We can however, have a laugh at how old they sound now in 2014. From fax machines to pagers, here are some of the best outdated rap lyrics!

 1. They get jealous when they see you with your mobile phone.’ 

2Pac – Changes (1998)

Mmmhmm. So jel.


      2.  N***a get the phone book look up in the yellow page, Lemme tell you how we finna get paid’. 

Dead Prez – Hell Yea (2004)

Are phone books are still made? Anyone?! 



      3. ‘Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, when I was dead broke man I couldn’t picture this’ 

Notorious B.I.G – Juicy (1994)

Well no one can picture this anymore.


4. ‘I got this young chick, she so immature, She like, “Why you don’t buy me Reeboks no more?’ 

Jay Z – Girls (2001)

Ain’t nobody buy Reeboks no mo.



5.  ‘I go to TRL, look how many hugs I get’

Eminem – White America (2002)

Well I’d imagine none, seen as MTV don’t even play music anymore.



6. ‘Actually, anything you got to ask me, Fax me’ 

Mase – Wanna Hurt Mase? (1997)

Ok cool. Let me know in a couple of days if it comes through?

7. ‘And although it seems heaven-sent, We ain’t ready to see a black president’ 

2Pac – Changes (1998)

Oh contraire Tupac.

 Barak Obama-United States-Politics

8. ‘You make me wanna throw my pager out the window, tell MCI to cut the phone calls’ 

Destiny’s Child – Bug a Boo (1998)

I’d imagine the girls have found other ways of venting their anger by now.

9. ‘Beep me 911 or call me on my cell phone, I’ll call you back to see what you gon’ tell me’ 

Missy Elliot – Beep me 911 (1998)

Yeah, I’ll just call ya Missy. K?

8 Things You Hear When You’re Gay

If you’re LGBT, here are just 8 things you have most likely heard at some stage. Prepare for some serious eye rolling.

1. ‘Tell me your coming out story!’

Yes, because that’s a light hearted story I’d love to share.


2. ‘So which one of you girls is the boy?’

What? Neither of us. That’s the point!


3. ‘I went to a gay bar once, but all the guys came on to me.’

Sure they did! We all believe you.


 4. ‘Ugh, that’s so gay. No offence!’

This better be on route to extinction.


5. ‘Did you binge watch Orange is the New Black?’

Ok, you can have that one.


6. ‘There’s a gay guy in work, do you know him?’

Of course! Why wouldn’t I know this completely random person you work with?


7. ‘But, you don’t look gay!’

Apologies, I left my feather boa back in 1985.


8. And finally, ‘What exactly… do you do?’

Just.. no. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Listen: Mid-Week Tune: Crystal Castles ‘Not In Love’

We’ve almost reached the weekend, and this week’s tune is going to aid your journey there. If you haven’t already, then meet Canadian electronic band Crystal Castles. (Calm yourselves. We’re not playing ‘Alice Practice’, it’s not Saturday juuust yet). Instead today, enjoy a little desk bopping to their less invasive tune ‘Not In Love’.

It’s an interesting story about their tune ‘Alice Practice’ though. Crystal castles are a random little music duo. Founding member Ethan Kath met vocalist Alice Glass in 2004 after hearing her sing in an all-girl rock band. He asked her to lay down some vocals for a track he had been working on. While in studio recording, a sound engineer secretly recorded Alice practising. Kath found the record and uploaded it online titled ‘Alice Practice’. Clever boy, because that tune ended up attracting record deals. I presume he then called Alice (who had lost touch with Kath at this stage) and told her that he has secretly uploaded a video of her recording, buuut it was ok because they got a record deal and if she came back they could make more songs and be a band and stuff… Needless to say, the duo did record more together and went on to give us tunes such as today’s ‘Not In Love’.


So there you have it. You really never know what’s coming next.

Stay hopeful.

Happy hump day people!