8 Things You Hear When You’re Gay

If you’re LGBT, here are just 8 things you have most likely heard at some stage. Prepare for some serious eye rolling.

1. ‘Tell me your coming out story!’

Yes, because that’s a light hearted story I’d love to share.


2. ‘So which one of you girls is the boy?’

What? Neither of us. That’s the point!


3. ‘I went to a gay bar once, but all the guys came on to me.’

Sure they did! We all believe you.


 4. ‘Ugh, that’s so gay. No offence!’

This better be on route to extinction.


5. ‘Did you binge watch Orange is the New Black?’

Ok, you can have that one.


6. ‘There’s a gay guy in work, do you know him?’

Of course! Why wouldn’t I know this completely random person you work with?


7. ‘But, you don’t look gay!’

Apologies, I left my feather boa back in 1985.


8. And finally, ‘What exactly… do you do?’

Just.. no. Ain’t nobody got time for that.