9 Hilariously Outdated Rap Lyrics

Some of these songs are down right classics and we can’t fault them. We can however, have a laugh at how old they sound now in 2014. From fax machines to pagers, here are some of the best outdated rap lyrics!

 1. They get jealous when they see you with your mobile phone.’ 

2Pac – Changes (1998)

Mmmhmm. So jel.


      2.  N***a get the phone book look up in the yellow page, Lemme tell you how we finna get paid’. 

Dead Prez – Hell Yea (2004)

Are phone books are still made? Anyone?! 



      3. ‘Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, when I was dead broke man I couldn’t picture this’ 

Notorious B.I.G – Juicy (1994)

Well no one can picture this anymore.


4. ‘I got this young chick, she so immature, She like, “Why you don’t buy me Reeboks no more?’ 

Jay Z – Girls (2001)

Ain’t nobody buy Reeboks no mo.



5.  ‘I go to TRL, look how many hugs I get’

Eminem – White America (2002)

Well I’d imagine none, seen as MTV don’t even play music anymore.



6. ‘Actually, anything you got to ask me, Fax me’ 

Mase – Wanna Hurt Mase? (1997)

Ok cool. Let me know in a couple of days if it comes through?

7. ‘And although it seems heaven-sent, We ain’t ready to see a black president’ 

2Pac – Changes (1998)

Oh contraire Tupac.

 Barak Obama-United States-Politics

8. ‘You make me wanna throw my pager out the window, tell MCI to cut the phone calls’ 

Destiny’s Child – Bug a Boo (1998)

I’d imagine the girls have found other ways of venting their anger by now.

9. ‘Beep me 911 or call me on my cell phone, I’ll call you back to see what you gon’ tell me’ 

Missy Elliot – Beep me 911 (1998)

Yeah, I’ll just call ya Missy. K?

Listen: Mid-Week Tune – Heathers ‘Forget Me Knots’

This week we’re keeping it local again with Ireland’s very own twin duo, Heathers. These Dublin girls wrote their first album whilst studying for their Leaving Cert. Most of us barely manage to tackle the exams alone. In this tune they also tackle a topic close to many people’s hearts. Have a listen to their upbeat and inspiring track ‘Forget Me Knots‘.

Depression has hit the news most recently due to the recent death of loved actor Robin Williams. And while this has been a devastating blow to many worldwide, the suffering which he endured is still an everyday struggle for countless numbers of people. When we hone in on LGBT mental health in Ireland, the stats are hard to ignore. A whopping 25% of girls, and 15% of boys have tried to end their own lives at least once*. Being a good friend to someone can be challenging at the best of times. In recent days, many people have felt the need to address the subject. I read something that hit home, ‘it’s the hardest thing in the world to be a friend of someone with depression. But it’s also the most rewarding.’ It is damn hard. But it should be harder to do nothing. Don’t do nothing.

You can’t walk away from this song and not have ‘it’s alright not to feel ok‘ swimming around in your head. Never a truer word spoken.




(*supporting LGBT lives study)

For support or information on LGBT depression, please contact BeLonGTo

Listen: Mid-Week Tune – Chloe Jac, ‘Lost to You’

And look,  it’s Wednesday already. A bit of home grown talent for you this week. Dublin singer-songwriter Chloe Jac is currently gigging her way through London, and making some serious tunes while she’s at it. Go ahead and lose yourself to the her touching track, ‘Lost To You’.

Chloe takes her inspiration from many artists, including Laura Marling and Paolo Nutini. It’s an energy rollercoaster watching Chloe perform. You hear her eclectic personality in her music, so you get soft tunes and absolutely high enegry tunes in the same show. It’s wonderful. There’s a distinctive French flare to her music and personality too. This no doubt stems from her multi-cultural upbringing with a French father. As a result, artists like C2C and Brigitte have also made an impact on the singers’ style. I’ve known Chloe since early school days, so perhaps I’m a little bias when I say that she’s one of the best singer-songwriters around. Make your own judgement I guess. But I stand by what I said!

For more music and info on upcoming gigs, check out

Listen: Mid-Week Tune: NAS & Damien Marley, ‘Patience’

What happens when a legendary rap artist collaborates with an equally legendary reggae artist? You get this week’s choice of mid-week tune of course. These lyrical geniuses worked together to create a unique studio album, Distant Relatives, which they released in May 2010. We’ve taken our favourite track off the record for you to experience this Wednesday. Here’s the thought provoking ‘Patience’.

Overall, the album is pretty inspiring. And I love nothing more than an inspirational track. From Band Aid to a musical ‘Coach Carter’ speech, I buy completely into them. NAS has tried his hand at motivational records before. Some of  his iconic tracks include ‘I Can’ and ‘Just a Moment’. I’m not exactly from the hood, but at 14 years of age I took a lot from hearing those lyrics. And now at 25, I again take a lot from the lyrics in this album.

Take from it what you will. Take nothing if you like. But you gotta admit, it’s a tune.

Listen: Mid-Week Tune – SOAK, ‘Sea Creatures’

We’re taking a break from electro this week to bring you a little soulful tune from Northern Irish singer-songwriter, SOAK. Take some time out of your Wednesday to sit back and listen to this beautiful acoustic rendition of ‘Sea Creatures‘.

The LGBT artist has already played alongside Snow Patrol, and her Dublin gigs are sold out before you even hear that they’re happening. Not a bad position for this 17 year old to be in. In fact, she’s just gone and signed herself up with iconic Rough Trade Records. If ever there was an appropriate time to say that ole cliche ‘watch this space’, this is it.

Keep up with SOAK‘s goings on over on her more often than not high-larious twitter account. You are welcome!

Listen: Mid-Week Tune – Broods ‘Bridges’

Dublin festival goers had the pleasure of seeing this brother/sister act live at Longitude last Sunday. And as expected, reviews have been nothing but stellar for the New Zealand duo, Broods. If like me you didn’t catch them live, have a listen to what we missed by wrapping your ears around their beautiful track ‘Bridges’ – our choice of mid-week tune.

They’ve been penned by many as the ‘one to watch’. From touring with Haim, releasing their EP ‘Evergreen’, and preparing for a tour with Sam Smith, Broods are giving us plenty to pay attention to. The siblings, aka Caleb and Georgia Nott, have been performing together since early childhood. At just 21 and 19 years of age, they add to a rising number of young entertainers to recently emerge from New Zealand. Most notably is 17 year old singer-songwriter Lorde. We could take some of that credit thanks to her surname ‘O’Connor’, but it’s most likely down to their shared producer Joel Little who has managed to help put both acts on the map. If Lorde’s success is anything to go by, the talented duo are only going to get bigger. And well deserved we think.

Listen: Mid-Week Tune: Simian Mobile Disco ‘I Believe’

Half way gone, half way to go. Happy mid-week one and all! Looking back on previous posts, it seems we have a preference for electronic and rap tunes. We literally mixed them together once with Jay-Z and Passion Pit! So in continuation of our unintentional theme, this week we are giving you London electronic duo, Simian Mobile Disco. Have a little listen to their massive hit, ‘I Believe’. We’ll leave a link below to their SoundCloud, because trust us – you’re gonna want more.

Simian Mobile Disco are well highly respected for their own material, but they’ve also ventured out by remixing and producing for others. They’ve popped their own stamp on songs by artists such as Klaxons and Peaches. They’re known for intense live shows with all of the strobe lights. All of them. Years ago I saw them in Dublin, except I didn’t really see them. There was some divine light separating us. But hey, the tunes made up for it. The duo recently played another gig in Dublin’s Twisted Pepper. There’s no shortage of appreciative fans here it seems, so enjoy their SoundCloud and prepare yourself for their next gig!


Listen: Mid-Week Tune: Crystal Castles ‘Not In Love’

We’ve almost reached the weekend, and this week’s tune is going to aid your journey there. If you haven’t already, then meet Canadian electronic band Crystal Castles. (Calm yourselves. We’re not playing ‘Alice Practice’, it’s not Saturday juuust yet). Instead today, enjoy a little desk bopping to their less invasive tune ‘Not In Love’.

It’s an interesting story about their tune ‘Alice Practice’ though. Crystal castles are a random little music duo. Founding member Ethan Kath met vocalist Alice Glass in 2004 after hearing her sing in an all-girl rock band. He asked her to lay down some vocals for a track he had been working on. While in studio recording, a sound engineer secretly recorded Alice practising. Kath found the record and uploaded it online titled ‘Alice Practice’. Clever boy, because that tune ended up attracting record deals. I presume he then called Alice (who had lost touch with Kath at this stage) and told her that he has secretly uploaded a video of her recording, buuut it was ok because they got a record deal and if she came back they could make more songs and be a band and stuff… Needless to say, the duo did record more together and went on to give us tunes such as today’s ‘Not In Love’.


So there you have it. You really never know what’s coming next.

Stay hopeful.

Happy hump day people!


Mid-Week Tune: Kayne West ‘Bound 2’

Let’s keep it short and sweet this week, as most of us are still recovering from the Dublin Pride celebrations. Ever since I heard the grity, jaw-wired version of ‘Through the Wire’ over 10 years ago, I have loved the tunes from this man. And seeing as I’ll be at his gig tonight, it’s only right to blast you with some Mr. Kayne West. Enjoy this controversial and awkward as hell video for ‘Bound 2’.

Kayne west is no stranger to speaking his mind. No doubt you’ve already thought of his infamous stunt at the MTV awards, where he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to voice his own opinion that Beyoncé, ‘had one of the best videos of all time’. Ah to have a friend like that, right Bey? Wrong. Yoncé later came out on stage to accept her own award for Video of the Year, and invited Taylor to come and have her moment. A bit quick to react Kayne? If only you waited until all the Video categories were announced. Sure enough, the incident made headlines worldwide and added to Kayne’s interesting reputation in the media.

He’s a lover of fashion too. Kayne often makes an appearance at Paris fashion shows, and tries to look the part himself. Other rappers like 50 Cent have actually attempted to label West as ‘gay’ because of his colourful attire. I shit you not. So in response to the childish claims, West explained to MTV that “your dress don’t give away whether or not you like a man.” Smart man this one. “I mean how is that a gay thing? Colours? Having a lot of colours is gay?”  He then went one step further (no surprise there) and said “because stereotypically gay people got such good [style] … they were smart enough to take a fresh-ass logo like the rainbow and say that it’s gonna be theirs.” Hmmm… we do like our fresh ass rainbow.

Whatever your feelings on Kayne West, take solace in the fact that you don’t share the same pain in life – “My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.”

Me 1 – Kayne 0


Listen: Pride Mid-Week Tune, Scissor Sisters ‘Let’s have a kiki’

Finally, it’s time for your Pride mid-week tune! And is there really any other choice but Scissor Sisters‘ absolute anthem, ‘Let’s Have a Kiki’? It’s doubtful. So fire up the smoke machine and put on your heels, ‘cause this is exactly what we need.

This American pop group were literally born out of New York’s gay scene. Their infectious and fabulous beats have been embraced as gay anthems in countries worldwide. The Scissor Sisters use language, themes and humour in their songs that are perfectly unique to the gay scene. Most famously, a ‘kiki’ is drag queen slang for a good time. There’s an entire gay culture which is hilarious, fabulous and enriching. It’s this culture that we try tap into with our products at Scene Designs, and it’s one of the best things about Pride. There ain’t no escaping it. (Unless of course you sit it out in favour of a Hollyoaks omnibus at home).

Making up roughly 8% of the population, the LGBT community is certainly a minority in Ireland. And most days, it’s not so easy to forget that. But surrounded by rainbow clad family and friends on Pride, we can almost feel like the majority. It’s about coming together, celebrating accomplishments and fighting for more. There’s something really special about seeing that rainbow flag displayed in pubs, shops and restaurants throughout the city at this time. Celebrities even come out and show their support. Cyndi Lauper led the celebrations at NY Pride when I visited in 2012. George Takei can’t be kept away from the parade! At Mother last year I was standing in the queue for the bathroom chatting away to the girl in front of me. After a while I said to her, ‘you know you look really like that girl Vogue?’ Yeah… it was that girl Vogue. Mortification aside, it was brilliant to have her and Brian out to celebrate with us.

So enjoy the tune and embrace the week. You’re fabulous. I wish you all a kiki this Pride!