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Listen: Mid-Week Tune – Chloe Jac, ‘Lost to You’

And look,  it’s Wednesday already. A bit of home grown talent for you this week. Dublin singer-songwriter Chloe Jac is currently gigging her way through London, and making some serious tunes while she’s at it. Go ahead and lose yourself to the her touching track, ‘Lost To You’.

Chloe takes her inspiration from many artists, including Laura Marling and Paolo Nutini. It’s an energy rollercoaster watching Chloe perform. You hear her eclectic personality in her music, so you get soft tunes and absolutely high enegry tunes in the same show. It’s wonderful. There’s a distinctive French flare to her music and personality too. This no doubt stems from her multi-cultural upbringing with a French father. As a result, artists like C2C and Brigitte have also made an impact on the singers’ style. I’ve known Chloe since early school days, so perhaps I’m a little bias when I say that she’s one of the best singer-songwriters around. Make your own judgement I guess. But I stand by what I said!

For more music and info on upcoming gigs, check out

A Female Pen: The Extent of Gendered Marketing

Sometimes we need a bit of gender segregation. Separate toilets are a perfect example. So are certain gendered greeting cards. Now I’m not talking about the ones that say ‘Happy Birthday Brother‘ with a picture of a motorbike. Your brother has probably zero interest in them, but hey, at least it’s manly. No. I’m talking about the ones like we make. You know – ‘Happy Anniversary‘ with two dickie bows to signify it’s not your regular Hallmark hetero relationship card. But I digress. Gender segregation has seeped into every crevice of society, and we’re lapping up it to the delight of marketing directors worldwide.

Even my childhood was not without basic gender segregation. Growing up I played with Polly Pockets and teddy bears, whilst my big brother played with toy guns and soldiers. He’s an actual soldier now though, so maybe that’s a bad example. He obviously really like those toys!  And now that I think about it, I remember really loving those Polly Pockets. Perhaps I’m trying to find a non-existent fault here. Because playing with ‘girl’ toys made me pretty damn happy. Why though? Was it because television adverts showed me images of girls my age having the time of their lives playing with Polly? Well they certainly didn’t show girls running around playing toy soldier.

It’s too far gone to remember my rational from childhood. I didn’t know what rational was, so I doubt I even had any. In adulthood however, I’ve no excuse. Now when it comes to clothes, I don’t see a gender divide. I suppose that’s the gay in me. I’ll happily shop for a t-shirt in the man’s section, and shoes in the women’s. But if I’m buying a razor, off to the pink aisle I go. I remember wondering to myself what the difference between female and males razors is before. I think I settled on the colour and went ahead with my pink purchase. But now I’m wondering, is that it? Is that actually the only difference? What is the point?!

Oh how we fall so easily into the market traps. From female Lego to male eye cream, Australian show ‘The Checkout’ highlights the differences between gender specific products. Of which, there are basically NONE!

Listen: Mid-Week Tune: NAS & Damien Marley, ‘Patience’

What happens when a legendary rap artist collaborates with an equally legendary reggae artist? You get this week’s choice of mid-week tune of course. These lyrical geniuses worked together to create a unique studio album, Distant Relatives, which they released in May 2010. We’ve taken our favourite track off the record for you to experience this Wednesday. Here’s the thought provoking ‘Patience’.

Overall, the album is pretty inspiring. And I love nothing more than an inspirational track. From Band Aid to a musical ‘Coach Carter’ speech, I buy completely into them. NAS has tried his hand at motivational records before. Some of  his iconic tracks include ‘I Can’ and ‘Just a Moment’. I’m not exactly from the hood, but at 14 years of age I took a lot from hearing those lyrics. And now at 25, I again take a lot from the lyrics in this album.

Take from it what you will. Take nothing if you like. But you gotta admit, it’s a tune.

Listen: Mid-Week Tune – SOAK, ‘Sea Creatures’

We’re taking a break from electro this week to bring you a little soulful tune from Northern Irish singer-songwriter, SOAK. Take some time out of your Wednesday to sit back and listen to this beautiful acoustic rendition of ‘Sea Creatures‘.

The LGBT artist has already played alongside Snow Patrol, and her Dublin gigs are sold out before you even hear that they’re happening. Not a bad position for this 17 year old to be in. In fact, she’s just gone and signed herself up with iconic Rough Trade Records. If ever there was an appropriate time to say that ole cliche ‘watch this space’, this is it.

Keep up with SOAK‘s goings on over on her more often than not high-larious twitter account. You are welcome!

Listen: Mid-Week Tune: Simian Mobile Disco ‘I Believe’

Half way gone, half way to go. Happy mid-week one and all! Looking back on previous posts, it seems we have a preference for electronic and rap tunes. We literally mixed them together once with Jay-Z and Passion Pit! So in continuation of our unintentional theme, this week we are giving you London electronic duo, Simian Mobile Disco. Have a little listen to their massive hit, ‘I Believe’. We’ll leave a link below to their SoundCloud, because trust us – you’re gonna want more.

Simian Mobile Disco are well highly respected for their own material, but they’ve also ventured out by remixing and producing for others. They’ve popped their own stamp on songs by artists such as Klaxons and Peaches. They’re known for intense live shows with all of the strobe lights. All of them. Years ago I saw them in Dublin, except I didn’t really see them. There was some divine light separating us. But hey, the tunes made up for it. The duo recently played another gig in Dublin’s Twisted Pepper. There’s no shortage of appreciative fans here it seems, so enjoy their SoundCloud and prepare yourself for their next gig!


Listen: Mid-Week Tune, CHVRCHES ‘Recover’

After the bank holiday weekend just gone, this song seems perfectly appropriate. ‘Recover’ is this week’s tune choice from Scottish electronic band, CHVRCHES.

A relatively ‘new’ band, CHVRCHES formed back in 2011 and have since released 3 EPs and one studio album which reached number 9 in the UK charts. It’s hard to box this band into a genre. While the music has a synthetic electronic sound, it’s also quite folksy and mellow – a mix which has them rapidly conquering fans worldwide. Lead singer Lauren Mayberry is a petite and seemingly timid character, a stark contrast to the power and impact of the music they make. Along with fellow band members Iain Cook and Martin Doherty, they have managed to create a truly unique sound and songs that catch on after just one single play. The first time I heard ‘The Mother we Share’ I was in love after the first minute. I played that tune on repeat for a whole week.

To sum up: CHVRCHES? Swoon.